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Algood Massage & Wellness Center is State Licensed and has served the community since 2007. All therapists are TN state licensed. We specialize in women and couples care. Our team of professionals can help you have a wonderful, relaxing massage and/or meet specific bodywork goals with a variety of massage modalities.

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  • Check Out Codes

    • Swedish - Light, Medium, and Deep

      Classic relaxation massage that can also address specific bodywork goals like: neck, shoulders, back tension
  • Spa Services (Add-on after massage selected)

    Select "Add Another" after choosing your massage. Choose one or more spa services: $5, $10, and $20 for a spa massage.
    • After Massage Treats

    • $5 Spa Service

      • Two Hot Towels $5
        Adds Two Hot Towels. Moist heat penetrates deeply and loosens tight muscles. Can be used on back, neck, quads, hamstrings, calves, pecs, or perimeter of face.
      • Aromamineral Towel $5
        A hot, moist towel infused with beneficial mineral salts and 100% essential oils soothe the senses and relax tight muscles and fascia. Helps your therapist work muscles more effectively.
      • Cold Stone Facial Massage $5
        Refreshing treatment! Two chilled marble stones are used to massage your face with an organic serum as you enjoy a natural essential oil blend of Rose, Vanilla, or Patchouli.
      • Full Body Aromatherapy $5
        Experience the immersive aroma of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils blended generously with your massage cream. Your massage therapist can help you select the best blend for your needs.
    • $10 Spa Service

      • Warm Cocoa Butter w/strawberries or peppermint $10
        Organic, all natural cocoa butter is heated and kept warm throughout the massage. This warm butter is used during massage instead of traditional lotion/oil. Cocoa butter is one of the best moisturizers and smells naturally like chocolate! Finished with your choice of chocolate strawberries or peppermint patty at check-out.
      • Mineral Hand Mittens $10
        A soothing treatment for your hands. Two hot, moist towels are infused with epsom salts and 100% essential oils to soothe senses, reduce joint aches, and loosen muscular tension.
      • Hot/Cold Facial Massage $10
        A cold stone facial massage with your organic serum of choice (Rose or Vanilla) followed with warm, moist towel around the circumference of the face.
    • $20 Spa Service

      • Hot Stone $20
        Basalt stones heated in a professional stone warmer. Heat helps soothe and stimulates circulation to work muscles more thoroughly. *Does not add 10mins to massage
      • 10mins Back Sugar Scrub $20
        Treat your back with one of three Aura Cacia's sugar scrubs: Lavender, Patchouli & Sweet Orange, or Ginger MintExfoliate, stimulate circulation, invigorate your senses and leave your skin baby smooth. Includes several hot, moist towels.
        *Adds extra 10 mins to massage. 
      • 10mins Happy Feet $20
        Let your busy feet have the spotlight! The treatment starts with a hot, moist towel on your feet followed by your aromatherapy sugar scrub of choice. This is followed by a minty-cool muscle rub massage. Soft powder is then added for a brisk "shoe shine" technique. Your feet will feel wonderfully light and as soft as velvet.
        *Adds extra 10 mins to massage. 
  • Loyal Client Massage - Booked by therapist only

    If your appointment is scheduled bi-weekly and/or monthly you save $5
  • Couple Massage - Booked by therapist only

  • Birthday Rate - Booked by therapist only

  • Prenatal Massage

    Must be in second or third trimester. Performed by a trained, prenatal massage therapist. 
    Physician referral preferred and required (in some cases) prior to therapy.
  • Hot Stone

    Basalt stones heated in a professional, digitally monitored stone warmer.
  • Massage for Kids

    Kid's 0-16 yrs   Great to relieve stress and tension. Parent must accompany their child in room when they are under 16 yrs old. Main areas we will focus on during massage are back, shoulders, neck, arms, hands, face, and scalp. Stress and tension is one of the most common symptoms that lead to other ailments. This is a wonderful way to introduce kids to natural health care.
  • Chair Massage

    Chair massage uses Swedish massage techniques, provided to a fully clothed client in the massage clinic or on-site. Your licensed massage therapist will provide a massage chair, cd player, music, aromatherapy, and other items to make your event a success! Great for: Employee Appreciation, Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, or just because. Massage Therapy is a wonderful way to show you care... and people love it!

    More and more companies are beginning to offer on-site massage once a month (or once every other month) to interested employees. A massage chair is typically set up in the main lobby or in a conference or meeting room. Could be paid for in one of three ways:

    Option 1: Company pays for all massages
    The cost for this service is determined by the total amount of time to be spent on the company's premises.

    Option 2: Employee pays for massage
    With this option, the company pays a base rate per
    hour to reserve services for a predetermined time, and each employee would be responsible for paying for their massage at the time of service

    Option 3: Company and employee "split" the cost of the massage
    With Option 3, the company pays a base rate per hour to reserve services for a predetermined time. Employees would receive their massages at half price, with the company paying the remaining half.


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